"My Wonderful Life"
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2001-09-16 04:20:04 (UTC)

My First time out after breaking up (3 weeks After)

Well, I have grown up after breaking up with my ex I have
finally went out with my friends. We went bowling. It was
fun I am sure we all had a good time. we only bowled 2
games but it was a blast. Then right when we were starting
our second game Sarah and Tiffani friend came and played
our last game with us. I dont really know him but he
seemed pretty kool. Well,Tiffani I'm not saying you are
but if you do read this dotn hate me I know you probably
dont feel the same but here it goes. I have a crush on you
ever since the start of last year. I think your the most
beatuiful thing in the world to me. Even last year when I
went out with Lori I still Like you I dont know Why I just
do ever since last year. Now, I know your probably not
going to feel the same as me Because I am just a little
Sophmore and Just 15 and your a Senior and 17. I know that
but I just wanted to tell you that. I just want you to
write me or something saying you dont hate me and you will
atleast still be my friend. And that you wont act all
werid around me just cause I told you this. We can just
pretend I didnt say tell you that. Your probably might be
thinking Oh my God a 15 year old kid likes what am I going
to do. Just still be my friend and say that you will and
maybe one day I will get my chance. Who knows. If I
embrassed you I sorry to. Well I am going to go. Please
write If you see this.#3