Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2003-01-26 23:28:06 (UTC)

The Worst Day

There are some days when the alarm clock is the scariest
thing in the world to me. The day when you don't even wanna
get outta bed because you know the day will be even worse
than yesterday. And yesterday you spent the whole day
staring at the clock, waiting to go home. You finally shut
of the alarm clock and get ready for school. You're sitting
in 1st hour, just thinking. Nothing is wrong, but
everything seems to be. And everyone asks you what's wrong,
as if they care. You walk down the hall and everyone smiles
and waves and you're wondering "why the hell are they so
happy?" You want everyone to just leave you alone and go on
with their business. You go into the bathroom and look in
the mirror, you look ugly and tired and you hair looks
horrible. It's around 3rd hour now and you're counting the
minutes 'til the bell rings. Someone comes over and starts
talking to you. Telling you how cute your hair looks today
and you just wanna scream. You snap at them and continue
thinking. It's 7th hour and everything is falling apart.
You get a test back. You look at it and it turns out you
barely had a D-. The rest of class you spend looking out
the window, wondering "why me?" School finally ends and you
go to basketball practice. Basketball is suppose to be your
relief from everything bad in your life, but today you
aren't doing anything right and one of your teammates feels
the need to point out every mistake. You are really pissed
now, wanting to shoot someone. You come home sick of it all
and there is about 100 things you didn't do or did wrong.
Your mom is bothering you about every 2 minutes to do
something. You go to your room and shut the door. 5 minutes
later your mom comes in and throws a book at you and tells
you to do your homework. You're looking at the questions
and none of them make sense. You don't want anyone else to
bother you so you crawl into the closet. You think for
awhile and then fall asleep. Awhile later you hear
something. You throw something at it, but it just gets
louder. You sit there for a few minutes crying. Finally,
you get up with tearing running down your cheeks, walk over
and turn off your alarm clock and it starts all over again.