Blood and Chocolate
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2001-09-16 04:06:54 (UTC)


Hey Everyone ~
Sup ? I am good ! I just got back from babysitting these
two oh so sweet little kids ! They were so good ! and Soo
funny ! I made some cash so I can go to the mall tomorrow
and get the belt that I want !!!!! YES! Hehe! I am so
excited ! I think Nate is mad at me ! :( ! He might be
lying but I think he might be anoyed at me ! Oh well go
figure ! Adam hasn't been on either ! Gowsh I wanna talk to
him ! I miss talking to him ! Adam if you are reading this
write in your journal !!!!!!!! And I miss ya so much ! oh
and everything is cool between my best friend and I now ! I
was worried over nothing ! She would NEVER try and take my
guy ever!!!!!! Hehe ! :) ! I have to get going I am so
tired ! Adam send me an e-mail or something ! Write in
your journal too !!!!!!
Ok well I gotta go now!
Luv ya always