Worcs Of A Dangerus Mind
2003-01-26 22:48:11 (UTC)

Game Day

sorry i didn't write yesterday r w/e. just forgot i
guess, more lazzyness. well today is super bowl sunday. O
WHAT FUN! actually this game should be fun. i just got back
from the mall, i got a cd i have been wantin for a LONG
time. the used. tis a great fucking cd. i found out, every
member of the band sings. that very original, cause u have
to be dearing to do that. and they pulled it off. so MAD
PROPPERS THE USED! i just love that style of music.
sooooo, things have been going good. in my life that
is. this is the single longest time that i have actually
been happy, lindsey has given me that.i would hate to think
how i would be w/out her. i really owe all my happyness to
her. her angelic smile brings out everything good in me. i
am seriously bedaziled by her. lindsey i love u. that
should sum everything up about her.... but thats the
unbelieveable part. it isn't nearly enough. i can type in
this thing for the rest of my life and still never get what
needs to be said said. well i am gonna go now.

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