Gay, London and Oriental. Take A Look ;)
2003-01-26 21:48:34 (UTC)

What a weekend, a night to really remember.

On Saturday I did my usual, go work then gym and then go
home. On my way my good friend Deren phoned me asking if I
was doing something that night. I said I wasn't and he
immediately asked if I wanted to go uptown. I said yes and
we were all set to go.
We met eachother, said hi and stuff and then went uptown.
We was going around looking for clubs but managed to end up
going to Sound. Went in had a few drinks and then went off
to the dance floor. The music was good but the DJ (if there
was one, it sounded so bad) couldn't mix songs i.e Big
Brovaz- nu flow to Jamieson-True (wtf were they thinking),
but me and Deren really danced and showed the rest of the
people how it was done hehe ^_^.
I've known Deren since secondary school, he was in the same
year as me but I didn't know him at all. By year 9 we
started to see eachother not really liking eachother but as
mutual acquaintances. By year 10 the whole year mixed
together, and Deren was in at least one of my class a day.
We used to sit at the same table talking and stuff but over
the year we got on like a house on fire. We talked about
music, celebrities, whats in and whats out, it was really
good and i remember some real fun times with him ^_^.
Deren is charismatic, charming, always up for a good time,
funny, popular and really likes it to live to the max.
Deren to me is one of those people who I could do anything
with, if he was up for doing something I would be up for
it. Deren and I are really close, he is sweet and cares
alot about me, and hes just so nice. I love him, hes great
and I know that whatever he does he will always let me
know. I don't see him too often but when I do I just go
crazy lol. He has been busy and I hope that he really lives
his life real good. Deren, I salut you...^_^