Down Azz Queen
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2003-01-26 20:58:14 (UTC)


I feel like a movie...Am I gonna get the guy in the end??
Its weird I just met this kid but I liked talking to him
when he came to see me today! I feel like maybe it could
work but its all up to him....I dont know what else to
do...And I dont even know how to tell him...I dont want to
rush things...but i also dont want to lose mah chance! I
dont know lets just wait things out... I've come to a
conclusion that time is the best thing but also the worst!
but what can u do!I just wish there was some way I knew a
head of time ya know what I mean! but hey Lets just see..

I just finished talking to the person that is close to me
and she is pregnat! she told me that she wants me to go
with her when she gets the abortion done!...I am going but
I just wish this didnt have to happen..I love this person
and I wish that she would have listend to me in the first
place! but all I can do is just be there for her and listen
to her and give her a shoulder to cry on..I feel real bad
because its like she has nobody else and she told me that
she just wanted her mom to hold her, but she cant because
her mom would go buck wild on her ass if she found out!