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2001-09-16 03:39:41 (UTC)

Drops of Jupiter

Life is doing ok, somewhat. I suppose. I finally figured
out my weekly schedule...yay. Ron is depressed...Alexina is
depressed...Shelly is revolted by Tim...Tim is depressed
about Shelly...David and I are stuck in the middle.
Interesting, hm?
Well, my weekly schedule is:

Monday- School, ballet right after
Tuesday- School, band right after
Wednesday- School, ballet, then band
Thursday- School, jazze right after
Friday- School, band right after, game right after that.

Only, this Monday is different since our Friday game was
cancelled. We having it on Monday. So I dunno how I'm gonna
juggle that. And between all this, you'd think I was too
busy to worry and have a personal life. kinda
sucks because the stress is larger than ever. And I'm
worrying more than I normally do. So, I mean, I dunno what
to do.
Plus, i'm still going through puberty. I figured once I
started my period (3 years ago) it'd be over...HELL NO! I
still am in mid-puberty. And that sucks.

Anyways, I suppose I'm boring you. Adios, y'all...

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