Down Azz Queen
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2003-01-26 20:38:25 (UTC)

My sister and her drama

I love my sister with all my heart, but sometimes she
just gets on mah nerves....I mean I say one thing to her
and she chops my fucken head off! but at times she can be
nice and she talks to me about her problems...Mainly about
her and her boyfriend! I love her boyfriend they are so
good together and he treats her so good...All of the other
boyfriends mah sister went out with never treated her as
good as this guy! Me and him our like brother and sister!
Everytime I hear them argue I get scared..I'm scared that
it might be the end...I dont want them to split up I think
that it will hurt me if they did! I dont know why that i
feel that way ,, basicly because I have seen my sister get
hurt in the past and I never seen her hurt with this kid!
he treats her so good...and at times mah sister treats him
like shit but he takes it and he deals with it and he still
is so good to her! Right now they our in a big ass
arguement ...they never fought like this before and its
really scaren me ! I hope everything goes well and I know
that its not mah place to tell her what to do but all i
keep telling her is that dont let 1 year and 5 months go to
waste u love him stay with him......

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