Down Azz Queen
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2003-01-26 20:17:11 (UTC)

A guy named Jentha

I met Jentha through mah cousin, his sister and Mah dad!
lol confusing huh! well see me and his sister was cool and
then mah cousin told me that he Knew this kid named Jentha
and I was like yeah he goes to mah skool...Mah cousin told
me that he goes to mah daddys shop to get his car hooked
and shit...and then one day he came and met me with mah
cousin.....Later on in skool and reconized who I was and
began to call me Juan's Daughtar....I began to find a lil
intrest in him... I figured he didnt like me but his
friends told him that i liked him and we suddnely became
good friends..Right now me and him are just good friends
and the more and more I think about it maybe its best that
way....Hes just a really tight friend and If ur reading HI

I was boared out my mind and couldnt make any plans!
Mah Dawg EJ asked me to go to a talent show with him but my mom
wouldnt let me , my girl Deanna wanted me to go chill wit her and
Jantoo wanted to come over, Me and EJ has been friends since the 3rd
grade hes one of those friends that no matter what u know u guys will
always keep in touch...We went out in the third grade! but the same
day i broke his heart..lol i broke up with him the same day, i like
this kid for a long time ASK ME and i say I dont know(no offense EJ)
me and him are like best friends now and its cool he now goes out
with mah dawg Liz they are cute together!
Jantoo is Jentha's sister and me and her are crazy as hell when we
together, and to sum it all up Friday night i didnt do anything but
watch a movie! damn that suxs

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