Down Azz Queen
2003-01-26 20:08:56 (UTC)

Online luv????

It was a boring ass night with nothing to do! I went
online and went to a chat room just to get over mah
boaredness....This kid IM me and I just started messing
with him not really just the usual..a.s.l. type thing...He
started talkin and I swear to u he talked just like this
kid named Jullian I used to know...Me Jullian neva went out
but boi did I wish we did! hehehehehe....
The guy that I met online--- his name is Eric... He told me
to call him, but it was long distance I told him I couldnt
and he tried to be all smooth and say if I called him that
I would fall in Love with his voice! Whoa! So me being dumb
I called him anyways our convo was ok....I liked talkin to
him...soon later he told me that he liked me and he wanted
to be with me!(but yet i am the one that is supposed to be
fallin in love with him)...well I thought he was a lil bit
crazy we nevea even met before! But I said what the hell
Just go along with it...But the truth is I found myself
calling him and waiting by the phone for him to call
me...Everytime we spoke it felt so good....But i dont know
is this really love or infactuation....Am I wanting someone
to show me love because everything that went on with
Gary! .....Hes so far away! and I hope he dosent read this!

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