Down Azz Queen
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2003-01-26 19:46:14 (UTC)

Later on that night

I called Gary that night and asked him how many girls he
has slept with! He told me that he had already discussed
this with me and he only fucked his ex girlfriend...I said
ok but my heart just wouldnt settle for that....I asked him
one last time and he said "seriously" umm yeah seriously i
couldnt even believe that he asked me that! what the
fuck..how dumb was that! but he said ok it was two...I
really dont care how many girls he slept with its the fact
that he lied to me and the way I had to get the truth out
of him..LIke many people i dont like to be lied to... The
situation was fucked up and i cant beleive it had to happen
that way, I told him that i just wanted to be friends and
that i need time to think..He said that I was acting like a
Drama Queen and that was that.. I told mah cousin what had
happeend and seemed coo wit it he didnt want me with him in
the first place, but about 10 mins later for no damn reason
i called Gary back and told him that i wanted to be with
hima and that we need to be together he siad ok took me
back, even though I was questioning myself i dont know why
i let myself go back to him! anyways he later on transfered
skools...He goes to mah skool now i told him at first to do
it but i regret it now.... Everything was peaches and cream
untill he came! My friends were all cool wit me and shit
untill he came...He told mah good friend that I told him
that i said she was trien to take him away from me! I neva
said that and I cant beleive he said it! bASCILY he just
tried to ruin out friendship its like he didnt want me
hanging out with anyone else and now me and that girl are
no longer friends! It hurts to know that she didnt believe
me mah good friend Dominique caught him in his lie and she
tried tellin the others that i wasnt lien but it seemed as
if they nevea had time to sit and listne to any of us! But
now i have totally different friends but u know what I
really like the people i hang out with! The only problem is
now all the black people and white people look at me
diffeent because mah click is all Spanish people... They
say i'm a sellout and shit..Not everyone but bascily the
people who wish they could hang wit us! Its madd childish
and now they try to spread rumors and u know what I really
dont care no more! fuck it fuck everything life is to short
to stress shit! I just wanna live mah life! I luv mah Life!
so as a lesson dont let people put u down life is to short
live it up!