The void
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2003-01-26 18:16:36 (UTC)

"And it was all yellow"

ahhh coldplay...lovely!
right, i haven't updated this in ages because i been a busy
bee. things are-a-changing! i have blue hair :)
ahem,college seems to be getting better, people are
actually taking notice of me now and inviting me places,
not that i'm allowed to go most of the time because of my
shitty overprotective parents.i'm getting to know more and
more people from the alley.i think Richard likes me, dear
dear.Andy likes me too dear dear. i like Anna dear dear.i
like tom too dear dear.
oops singing to myself and mother dearest is in the other
erm, well on thusrday and friday skye came round and we had
a nice long chat about anything and everything.over a
coffee and pizza!i'm finding it easier around skye and joe
when they are together now. i used to hate it because i
felt like the the 3rd wheel! y'know playing gooseberry?!
but now i can talk to both of them normally and i feel fine
about it. i guess i was just jealous.
on saturday sazene and i went to camden town. we met Evil
Noodle on the way! another sucsessful internet meeting! yay
in your face all the paranoid parents!i do know perverts
use the internet but i'm not stupid,i know who not to talk
to now. anyway..satuday.I bought some black criminal damage
cordy jeans, a deftones skinny fit top, a black skater
belt, a ring, and some blue hair dye ;)altogether a very
nice day, met a new friend and went away with new clothes!
i finally finished my short story for english! taken me
weeks! here's an extract from 'Blue Haven'...

" i opened my eyes, back in the classroom.the coldness of
the prison like room made me shiver, the posters on the
walls seemed to be moving in and out, pulsting,going
blurry.everyone was staring at me, i could feel it, a heavy
feeling in the pit of my stomach told me i had to move. i
had to get out of there.i grabbed my tippex coverd bag
complete with handcuffs and chain and made for the door
" lucy? where do you think your going?" the voice of
authority cutting through my plans to escape.i could only
stare at her. the long blonde hair scraped into a ponytail,
the typical white blouse and grey skirt, the young,
somewhat intimidated face. she was a young teacher in no
way prepared to deal with such a rowdy class."i-i have to
get out of here" i stammerd. not wanting to stay there a
moment longer, i ran for the door but it seemed so far
away, an eternity away. i could still hear the hostile
comments escaping from their mouths, i could still feel the
things they were throwing at me, i could still sense them
laughing.outside, i was finally outside, crying, sobbing."

crap huh? there is no way i'm going to get my 30% for my
overall grade with that!i'm so pissed off with myself about
that! iv'e been writing for years and that's by far the
WORST iv'e ever written!:(
ooooh i can smell roast dinner.that's the stuff.
i have got to write two more essays for sociology and i
don;t think i can! it's too difficult.woe is me...woe is me.

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