my life, my love and my happiness?
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2003-01-26 17:40:30 (UTC)


oh my fucking god i am so excited i can not wate!!!! i can
not belive she is coming on tour. she is comming to the
nassau coliseum in long island!!!!! oh my god wohooooo!!!!
ok so that just made my day..... i had to get up at 9:15
ths morning.... maria had to get up and get ready for
work. i was kinda shitty having to gwt up that early but
what ever i really didnt care. last nightwe didnt really
do anything she came and got me and then we went back to
her house and did nothing. we were watching american
history X on tv... it is so shitty on tv b/c they cut out
like every scean.. but what ever i watched that untill 1
and then i went to sleep. and marai fell asleep like as
soon as we stared watching it but she had to be able to
work today so.... i have to study and i really dont want
to. ughhh i hate amth i hope i pass wish me luck!!!! i
think i am gona go taka a nap. so yeah i can not wate
untill may 15th wohoooo!!!!!!!!!
listing to: that new song country girl... it is mad funny

ughhh my vcr is so fucked up it is not kool at all!!!! i wanted to
take a nap but my house is louder than a banchee so.... ok so i
somehow just randomly fine ppls screan names on stuff online and i
go to there info just b/c i am interested and yeah they always im me
and they are lke who is this? and i dont get it. i see that ppl have
viewed my profile and i dont say anything to them about it if i dont
know them so what the fuck are ppl that up tight? good fucking god.
i hate everyone/!!!!!!!!!!
watching: thelma and louies wohoooo fun fun
once again i am depressed. i really need something to make this shit
stop..... i think my mom left and she didnt even tell me she was
going. i fucking hate this shit! my room smells like a locker
room...why i have no idea. i asked her to take me to the movie store
so i could get a movie and she gave me a dirty look and i turned
around and walked away. i was crying for like a half and hr then i
desided that i needed to stop and i started reading my harry potter
book.i am into it again so that is good i really wanted to finish it
so...... now i am sitting here i am so bored i could scream!!!!!i am
home by my self all night long. no one to hang out with maria is
working and yeah..... i wanna hang out with jay but he prolly wont
want to so...... i wish my mom had asked me if i wanted to go to the
party with them but no of corse not i am a bad child and i dont
deserve to go and yeah.
so me and my sis talked alittle more about the whole st johns thing.
she isnt sure if she wants to go there yet. she feels that her life
is just getting on track and if we move down there if will just fuck
it up again. i have to get a job when i got and live with her but it
is ok. i will prolly get a job at a pizza place in south hampton if
we move there and mabey i could get a job i dont know doing
something kewl in st johns. i am gonna be able to learn how to surf
when i move to were ever we are going b/c it is gonna be on the
ocean i can not wate. that is the only thing that i am looking
forward to doing in my life is getting out of this shit hole!
listing to:avril