Steve L

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2003-01-26 17:25:58 (UTC)

my weekend

My weekend was good to a point I had to get drunk
well I call up my firned and we went out and well we got
some alchol and we got drunk friday I had to do some thing
to stop thing about my ex girl friend. well I thought it
would help but all it did was made it wores. At first I
felt good at frist but then I started thinking about her.
so I had to do something else to stop so I had some
cigeretts I was feeling good and bad at the same time I do
not know how to stop thinking of her. well on with my
weekend. Saterday My friend drop me off at home I eat
something and got ready I was going out. Yhen to it was
about 2 o clock and my friends pick me up and we went out
some a little wail and then we came back to my house we ate
dinner and I burnd a cd with my song that remind me about
my ex. My firned like the song to he put on the cd. We went
to his dad's house for a bit and then his mom want us to go
out to her house. We went out there and stayed there for a
bit. We got some beer and we came back to his house and He
played that song that remind me of my ex girl friend. Every
time I think of her I feel as if I have no point in the
world I do not know y I feel this way. well we got back
his house and we got drunk again. now it is Sunday today
and I am thinking about her again I do not know y I just
can not stop thinking about her.

I found out that I am like my dad. My dad is an
asshole some time but he can be cool at times. Well I am
the some but I am trying my hardest to not be like that I
have tryed to not be mean to any one. on friday when I was
drunk my friend was saying how much I have change I was an
Asshole bad in the 7 and 8 grade and I would not take shit
from no one but I stop that when I was in 9 I just did not
care and let it go. well I was think about going back to
the way I was in 7 and 8 grade. There is only one thing
that is stoping me from changin back. My ex girl friends is
the only thing holding me back but the thing is I just
about to say fuck it and just go back to the way it was. I
am trying not to let that happen. Well to next time I will
cya all later as me or some one else u never fucken know.