Restless Comet Diary
2003-01-26 17:22:34 (UTC)


Daily Astrology Forecast - January 26, 2003
Cancer Horoscope: A friend could well seem a bit distant
today, Ruxy, and probably won't be much into communicating
with you. Don't jump to the erroneous conclusion that your
friend is upset with you. If anything, he's probably
worried about his job! Just be your usual friendly self,
don't push him, and get on about your business. Your friend
will talk when the time is right.
More than likely, there is a person in your world who
desperately wants to get closer to you, dear Cancer.
Conflict is apt to arise tonight if you don't open up and
let this person in a bit closer. It could be that you are
quick to snap back with a forceful opinion, but be careful
that you don't scare them away entirely. This person wants
to share more of an intimate space with you, but perhaps
they just don't know how.

Today was a pretty nice day...I was walking on the street
when I met Alex and he was with Denisa,and Iony and Tibi
and Cip .They were going to the movie theatre and they took
me with them.The movie wasn't so good but it was pretty