Down Azz Queen
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2003-01-26 16:57:08 (UTC)

Gettin To Know Me

Hi everyone...This is ur girl Jasmine....I'm 16 a love to
write....I like to write poems chill dance, sing, laugh and
just have fun...I'm spanish...Puerto rican and Dominican..I
was Born and Raised In NEWYORK... I now live in FL...

Right now i guess i'm going through something everybody
goes through atleast once in there life! I know it might
sound corny but here it goes...
I use to chill wit alot of Black people mah Freshmen year I
mean I love black people all I date is black guys..
But recently I just broke up with a black kid...See I met
him at a party through mah cousin we danced the whole night
and it was cool or what not..Mah cousin told me that the kid
(Gary) was feelin me so i said give me his number....I
didnt mind ....we met on a friday night...Saturday i didnt
call him then sunday morning i did...We talked the whole
day...Monday he asked me out....That was kinda quick...I
dont know why but i told him yes...Big mistake....
Later on about 3 months into the relationship i thought
things were going to fast and I just wanted to be friends
but i mean I really liked this kid i cared for him
alot..but his true colors began to come out...Mah cousin
later told me one night that he liked Gary he was cool but
he wasnt really the one for me...
I asked him why he was thinking this and he told me that Gary had
slept with alot of girls, at the time i was like i cant jump to
conclusions i mean everyone makes mistakes....I asked him how
many.... He then replied that since he known him (middle school) he
would say about 10! 10 how the fuck are u gonna fuck that many girls!
thats pretty nasty...I was in a lil shock because it was something i
just didnt wanna believe ...Not gary not this Kid that I thought was
so innocent and would never do something like that ...

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