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2001-09-16 02:09:47 (UTC)

I Want You Back....

Ok, I thought I had a big crying fit Wednesday night. It was
NOTHING compared to the one tonight. Not at all!! All I
wanted was to go to the game. Is that too much to ask? Then
I wasn't really expecting to go because everyone had said
they couldn't when it was moved from Thursday to tonight. So
I was ok with that. I accepted it. Until someone goes and
gets my hopes up last night. "Oh I'll go with you if I can
get tickets. Oh but I'm kinda busy so I don't know." Well
let me know you idiot so I can get tickets or not get
tickets. Don't set me up for a fall! So I get my hopes up
and then, an hour before the game I get an email saying that
the tickets were sold out when he just called. Well you
idiot of course they're going to be sold out on the home
opener 1 hour before game time and obviously you weren't
really planning on coming up if you only called like an hour
before game time and it takes 2 hours to get here!! And then
when I listen to the game later I find out that the game
wasn't even a sell-out! Make me angry!!!! So I was crying
that for the first time in 7 years, I wasn't going to be
there to see my boys open the season.
However, then I got angrier as I was listening to the
roster. Ok, I know we can only have 3 overagers, but to get
rid of the best one?! OMG!!! I can not believe that! Unless
he did super super well at his NHL training camp and they
decided to keep him there which I hope is the case. He is an
amazing athlete and deserves to be recognized. Of course I
want him HERE because he's my favourite but if it was for
NHL reasons, all the more power to him. However if it was an
OHL decision, I am upset and disgusted that they wouldn't
keep him. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. As for
right now, the three chosen overagers are on my black list
and I am now cheering for a rookie, a sophmore and an
American. So there! So that also made me cry. And then to
hear that his sidekick is no longer with us either? For some
reason he has decided he no longer wants to be with the team
and is going home instead, ok. Oh man. Ok, I guess the good
thing about this whole thing is that we won. Sad thing about
this whole thing is, you know what? I couldn't really care
less if they won or not. I want K back!!!!

Current mood: pissy and depressed- what else is new lately?

Current music: "No Strings Attached", N'SYNC

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