*Bubbles and Ducks*
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2003-01-26 16:36:06 (UTC)


Bridget came and spent the night over last weekend. We
stayed up until 4:30 watching really good movies. lol. We
had muffins for breakfast.
I just got home from spending the night at Bridget's. We
watching Unwrapped and the Bourne Identity. It was a
interesting movie. Kinda confusing, but Matt Damon being in
it makes up for it. We went and saw A Guy Thing, NO ONE was
in the theater there was probabaly 14 people (counting us)
tops. And it was a funny movie, but it was REALLY stupid.
Definately not worth seeing again. OMG, on the way home
from the movie me and Bridget just sat there laughing
because it was so stupid. We saw Jaclyn and Natalie at the
theater, they were going to see Darkness Falls. We should
have snuck into their movie. lol. We had muffins for
breakfast.lol We also watched Trading Spaces and While You
Were Out and Ty and Andrew (with his little British-ish
accent) are so cute!! lol.
There is a lot more I want to write in here, but it's
private and some of you would make fun of me AND I don't
remember what I was going to say anyway, I just remember it
was embarassing. lol


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