Mysterious Attitude
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2001-09-16 02:08:56 (UTC)

Friday Sept. 7,2001

~*~*Friday Sept. 7,2001~*~*

I went to school... and Alfonso still wasn't there :(
Grrr.... I miss him lol... after school I went with Jr and
gram out to Renee's and we also went to Wal-Mart... and I
got sum more band-aids for my finger, sum pretty Covergurl
lipstick, a purple pad of notebook paper for math class,
and also a mag. with Aaliyah and Mark M. on it... hehe Mark
is such a hottie!!(I got that from Key's tho) Well when I
got home I got online for while.. then signed off... and
signed back on.. I was talking to Adrian and then out of
no where Larry Imed me... and he was talking sorta sexual
to me... here is all that was said:
Larry: hi
Me: hello
Larry: do u know who this is
Me: umm.... Larry?
Larry: who
Me: i dunno u tell me i'm probably wrong lol
Larry: i have no name
Me: lol uh huh
Larry: how many guys u be talking to on here
Me: Seriously tho... who r u?
Me: i dunno i talk to more females tho
Larry: ru a virgin
Me: yes i am
Me: age???
Me: and umm name?
Larry: u wanna loose your virginity to a true balla
Me: lol
Larry: i am serious
Larry: i will eat your pussy then make sweet luv to u
Me: good lawd... umm maybe if that true balla tells me
his name
Larry: whateva girl i am just drunk and fucking with u
whats up it is meklo
Larry: or as u say larry but i dont go bye that name no
Larry: what has been up
Me: and why don't u go bye that name no more?
Me: nuttin really u?
Larry: u knew ity was me the whoile time fdidnt u
Larry: i dont know just dont
Me: yes i did
Larry: so u wanna loose your virginity
Me: lol

Me: ohh sure why not
Larry: j/k
Larry: whateva u aint serious
Me: lol lets hope so your gurlfriend would kick my ass
and then yours
Me: umm how do u know I'm not serious?
Me: ?? i know your not but who knows i might be
Larry: i aint got a g/f right now
Me: ohh really...

Me: i didn't know that...
Larry: on my daughter i aint got a ladie right now
Me: ok :)
Larry: u aint going to give your virgintity to me
Larry: lol
Me: i forgot u had a child...
Me: lol lol
Larry: yep
Me: like i said u never know
Larry: yes u never know
Larry: i luv u
Me: lol
Me: whoa... I think u have been drinking a little
toooooooooo much
Larry: j/k
Me: and or smokin maybe? lol
Me: yeah i know u r
Me: sumone is in a playful mood hehe lol
Larry: yes he is
Me: hehe i dunno if that is a good thing or a bad one
Larry: i could be good
Me: ohh really... and why can it be good?
Larry: i cant tell u only show u
Larry: :-d
Me: ohh really... :::thinking::
Me: good lawd... I think im having me a little problem
over here
Me: and i'm blamin u for it
Me: j/k
Me: so talk...
Larry: what problem u havein
Me: umm one that i shouldn't be
Me: and actually... to be honest i am truly havin that
problem... hehe but ohh well... i will get over it... I
Larry: if not then can always call me (Then he gave me
his number in which I'm not going to let anyone see)
Me: ohh can i...
Me: :: smiles::
Larry: yes u can boo
Me: or is sumone playing with me agian?
Me: again*
Larry: nope
Larry: serious
Me: hehe ok :)
Larry: coo u got the number
Me: yes i do
Larry: yeap but hey bayb girl if u want call me
Larry: i got to go bye
Me: aight bye bye 4 now

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