what happened?
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2001-09-16 01:58:09 (UTC)

It's the 5th Day

I'm coping a lot better than usual I guess all of it has
sink in and just settling down. The world has just
witnessed a mass destruction of innocense. I can't imagine
how I can ever think that nothing has happened and get on
with my life. It's been quite hard but I've been alright
so far. The best revenge is to keep my head high and move
forward and not let these terrorist effect me. If I let
them effect me then it means I've let them win the war.
they will not take down this free world and therefore they
did not destroy a part of me. They merely made it
stronger. The whole world will destroy these evil acts and
evil will turn itself in without more blood shed and
destruction. I pray for the victims and I pray for the


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