my simple small world
2003-01-26 15:22:03 (UTC)

being bipolar is no excuse...

the title of this says it all...
that nite that happend almost a year ago comes back to
haunt me now....
that nite with the pills and the alcholhaul...and the
campfire....and the nakedness....and the laughter...
that was one of those experiences I would have rather just
forgotten about and remememered along time from now where
my only reaction would be to laugh at it then move on.
John the piercer from that nite was the guy I was fond of,
the guy I spent my time with..The guy that spent time with
We didn't sleep together.Rob says different, but I would've
remembered that...
Actually when we were a bit more sober, and fully dressed,
and I went back to his house with him (that's where I was
to sleep)...I slept in the same bed with him, but I didn't
do that other thing people do in bed though he pushed the
I saw him a couple times after that and he was really nice.
Then communication got totally shut off and I recently e-
mailed him asking how he was and everything.
His fiance e-mails me asking me who I am and whatnot and I
got to talking to her and according to her he lied to her
about everything, from that nite, up till now.
I knew he had a fiance by the way, but he said he was only
with her so she wouldn't take his son away.
This situation is kind of fucked up.And I am a bit outraged.
But oh well...Life goes on...