My Stuff- Keep Out!!
2001-09-16 01:24:20 (UTC)

First Baby-sitting Interview!!!

Today was my first baby-sitting interview. O.O Scary,
huh? That's what I thought too. But I went, and the mom,
Tanya (I think) who's 22 is majorly nice. She's an
engineer at sikorsky's. Her 5-year-old son (I know, 22...
5?), Jacob, seems to be okay, a lot quieter than Justin
(though that's not very hard ^.^).

Anyhoo, I think the interview went smoothly enough. She
seemed to accept me, and she said she might have a job for
me next week! Which means $$ for me!! I know, I should be
in it for the exp. but hey, if I get paid, so much the
better! She's chargng by 5 dollars/hour, btw.

I'm running for student council secretary tomorrow. I
probly gonna lose :( cuz i'm running against christina
schultz, who won miss connecticut pre-teen BECAUSE of her
excellent speech. O.O ^^;;

I'm still running, though. There's still that 1% chance of
me winning ^^


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