i have to be perfect

i hate my life
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2001-02-19 04:33:38 (UTC)

Hey~ I haven t written in here..

Hey~ I haven't written in here in what seems like forever.
I have just been so busy with school. I think that school
is a bitch! I hate high school so much, all of the girls
are little hoes and the guys all just want to get some. I
would really really like to meet a guy who respected women
as opposed to just treating them like nothing. Here is a
note to all guys~ If you would just respect women and treat
them like they mean something to you, you would get soo
much farther and in less time. Well,I just wanted to get
that off my chest, this year I have just become a total
loser due to the choices i have made. The choices I made
were to not drink or do things i knew where wrong for me,
all of my so called friends have gone on different paths
which have seperated us soo much. I am soo upset, I mean it
is soo hard to watch people you have known for forever do
stupid things that they will eventuall regret. Well, I have
to go now, write me

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