Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-01-26 09:25:55 (UTC)

Movie Brainstorming

You know, if I had the oppurtunity to make a movie, it
would be a screwed up movie. I would have deceitful,
cynical, and sadistic characters. I think that the
protagonist (who would be a darker, more cynical anti-hero
who has very strong principles and stands by them) would
not be able to tell his/her allies from the enemies.

I think I would make the movie somewhat of an
autobiography. I would open with me working or driving
while listening to the radio. I would come home and type
on the computer about my childhood. The parts that I
would write about would then be turned into short scenes as

After that, I would get a good night's rest and go to
school and introduce some of the characters and their
relationship to myself and each other. The film would then
progress through various activities that I do and give the
audience a firm understanding of who I am.

Then something really bad (I am not quite sure what) would
happen and cause the protagonoist to act. I am not sure
how the story would progress (that would just take some
thought) but I could see the protagonist eventually being
befriended by the eventual bad guy, who kills the original
antagonist with some sort of unique weapon.

There would be some other messed up sub-plot storylines
that could occur between supporting characters. For
example, the female lead could turn good when she realizes
what bad is occuring but the other characters think she is
pulling a hoax.

I would want this film to represent what I think my life
will be like for the next few years. Of course, I would
want it to be an artistic movie that many different
potential endings that could also leave room for a spinoff
and-or a sequel. This darker drama would have a few
comedic moments to represent the underlying sarcasm that be

Well there are a few ideas that I think would make a
fabulous (and original) movie.

Hopefully I will get another entry in today but if i

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