The land of unknown
2001-09-16 01:02:48 (UTC)

Pet Stupid

u know that pet store, pet smart. it could be pet's mart.
with their sign, it could be either. but i think it's pet
smart. well, earlier, my dad and i took our dog,
Cheyenne, to pet smart to buy some things for her. it
took a while to get inside, she had to smell every
goddamn thing on the way. but people were like 'she's
so cute!' she loved the attention. she was being well
behaved. but when we're at home, she chews on
everything and bites every one. anywho, at the store,
there was this big ass dog. and as we came up to it,
Cheyenne imediatly pissed on the floor at the site of
this thing. i mean, tke a full size golden retriever, and he
would dwarf one with his size. and Cheyenne is still a
pup. imagine the size difference. and when we tried to
pass them by, this dog sexually assaulted her. he kept
licking her croch. i mean, literally, pushing her down
and pushing her around by her croch. it was disgusting.
and there was a kid standing there watching, they were
like 'look at the doggy'. the kid was maybe 4 or 5. it was
interesting. but quite disgusting. oh, yea, and i've been
listening to Soulfly and Machine Head some more
today. just can't pick something to listen to.