Life sucks
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2001-09-16 00:39:34 (UTC)

Day 1

Today my dad came and told me he wasnt gonna let me live
wit him it was sad cuz i hate living here. Then i talked to
my friend Nikki she made me feel better and so did gavin
when i read a note he left me on a page. I have a horriable
cold and im tierd.My mom gave up all the money we had to
pay rent so i gave her my necklace(the best present i ever
got even though it was from my ex boyfriend that i hate)
the only peice of jewlery i have to pown in on monday so
she can get ciggerets for my brother and sisters.Which i
hate my 1 sister right now and i think everyone is made at
her but my other sister. Write so till the Ta ta luv ya Liz