Nick's Journal
2003-01-26 07:33:26 (UTC)

I don't know what I'm missing

I don't know if it's the lingering snow or the brisk
breeze, but these past 2 weeks have made me want to be in
Austria so badly. Just to walk through the inner city, or
to stand outside in the beautiful forrests or mountains.
you know what i hate?
going to taco bell wasted. i went this morning and i felt
like somebody had nailed me upside the head with a bat.
it really hit me halfway through the drive that i probably
shouldn't be behind a wheel. so once i got there i
ordered my meal and of course being the dumbass i am i
have to customize it, so this si what i say
"i'll have the # 3" (2 chalupas and a hard taco)
"oh, and could i get the two chalupas as baja?"
"ok and two more baja chalupas.....anything else?"
"no, no i meant the ones in the combo."
"Yes i also got the combo."
"that's all i want"
"that's all you got"
that'll be $11.15...................
or get this convo i picked up while having lunch the other
day. now there's a group of like 4 white guys and one
black guy. so i hear one of the white guys ask the black
guy (apparently in reference to another black guy):
"so did he like me?"
"well he thought you were alright."
"just alright?"
"well he said you were whiter than white"
-- now apparently the above statement was a huge let-down
for sir whites-a-lot so then the black guy seems to rub it
in by saying the weirdest damn thing,
"he said you were whiter than black guy covered in white
--- weird stuff. really weird.