Time Can Make Us Dizzy
2003-01-26 07:21:29 (UTC)

Death of Innocence ... Part 2

~Little Innocence~
By Alazia Peltier

Little Innocence sits in her corner booth,
sipping her formaldahyde cocktail.
Listening to the endless chatter,
spewing from the lips of those who'd mistreated her.
She wonders why she sticks around.
As if on cue he sings his promises through a husky southern
"Hello little Innocence my one true lust,
let me take you from this undesired existance.
We can create: beauty and love,
and all that other mushy stuff.
We can copulate.
What?  No!  If we love each other it isn't wrong.
I love you my sweet Innocence,
so come with me, now, cum with me."
She looked around briefly at those who ignored her.
"I'll just go freshen up"
In the bathroom,
she washed her face,
then said a prayer,
"Father please forgive me, for my infidelity."
She took one last look at her reflection in the cracked
Then out she went in her little sundress, with her pink
Barbie purse hanging off her shoulder.
She met up with her savior, and let him lead her to his car
of broken down dreams.
They drove for miles along a dead end street.  
Her savior, became her master, and then soon it was over.
Days later, he drove back to town,
with a torn, bloody, piece of her sundress in his mouth.
In the window of the small diner was a poster, which
read, "Missing: Have you seen our beloved Innocence?"
He walked inside, and headed to the pay phone.
It rang twice, then he heard the waitress,
"Innocence is that you?"
"I've murdered your Innocence,"   
The screams shattered the desperate hope of the diner's
"Innocence is dead, our Innocence is DEAD!"
He hung up the phone and smiled to himself,
raised his collar, and walked through the crowd
with one thought dancing in his head,
"Wow, and to think, she thought you never cared."