A day in the life
2001-09-16 00:02:12 (UTC)

why doesnt he just die...

My dad started to bitch at me again about my negativity. I
get so frustrated with him. I dont know what to do about
him. Today i said that i hated work... WHO DOESNT HATE
WORK... and he started to yell about how negative i am. I
dont understand it. Every weekend he sits on the couch and
gets drunk... every friday saturday and sunday. Last month
it was everyday so im thankful that he doesnt do it that
much but it really upsets me. He tells me i need to make
some serious changes in my life yet hes drunk the whole
time hes preaching to me. He always tells me i need to be
more religous.. what the hell.. Im the one that goes to
church, he doesnt. I go to church by myself on my own free
will. He has nothing to do with it. I dont want to say he
has the problems because he always tells me not to blame
other people... but i dont who's at fault here. Is there a
possiblity of this being NOONES fault? that certainly cant
be true. I feel like his mother sometimes. When hes wasted
i have to drive him to the store. I really hate that. I
have better things to do. If I dont drive him though, he'll
drive his self. The other day he had a really bad hangover
and was really sick, It was my little brothers day to come
to our house but my dad was too sick to do anything with
him. I had to pick him up from school, feed him, and
watched him for the remainder of the night.My dad doesnt
admit to having any problems. He says that i need to
reflect on myself. I wish i didnt feel so bad about it, I
just doo.