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2003-01-26 06:17:22 (UTC)


choices are good for you, especially when you make the
right ones.... but how do you know which one is the right
one? You don't not until you choose one... and figure out
the outcome of both desicions...
At the age of 16, you would think I either know nothing,
not enough life time experience.... or I know only what i
am meant to know. Which brings me to the point of writing
this. Why must I make my own desicions... I would be
better off, having my parents make them for me... and I
know that, that must sound stupid, but do you really think
that they would make the wrong ones for me? I know that
they know and love me. I guess I have to learn to grow up.

So here's my point. I told my friend I like him, and it
turned out he likes me back. If he is not kidding, because
usually he always joke about getting married, and liking
each other. Then he asked me out. I know my first response
should have been YES! but I know that it's to good to be
true. plus I would have the ask my parents, but before I
do that, I have to absolutely sure this is the best thing
for me. So if you have any advice, or comments I would
love to hear them. Thanks :)

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