The confusing epic of muh life
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2003-01-26 05:27:47 (UTC)

b 4 today

ok yesterday i was like crying and shit b cuz i was juz
having 1 of those days were u dont wanna wake up everything
is fucked everything juz sux lol i should be a perfessional
singer jk jk ne ways it has juz been a crappy week like no
1 takes mehseriously ne more its all laurens hyper shes a
prep shes a cheerleader shes a freaking ditz and im juz so
sic of it i ont expect people not 2 judge meh b cuz whether
we want to or not we ae constantly judging others around us
im juz sick of being percived as an airhead im not as
stupid as people think i am im even in honors classes and
people still think im dumb and like i guess i sort of play
up to the part sumtimes b cuz im hyper and i like 2 have
fun but poeole tend to not c the respective calm nice part
of meh that only comes out when u really get to no meh do
poeple no that i want to be a phyciatrist u no people that
work w/ chemical imbalces u no like a doctor? good we r
learning now uhhhhg im sic of it and so yesterday i was juz
feelings so helpless plus i dont no where i fit in ne more
iam friends w/ sum punks sum "losers" sum smart people and
sum popular people and like i went to the dance and it was
mainly 3 groups gehtoo i dont hang w/ them semi losers and
popular people and i kinda lingered between the 2 groups
but i didnt really seem to fit in either meh and kristen
jus kinda mingled and like i felt comfortable w/ both
groups i juz feel lost and like i dont no where 2 gonow
uhhhhg !!!!!!!!~ i thought i fit in w/ muh dance friends
and now they r turning gay