The confusing epic of muh life
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2003-01-26 05:15:42 (UTC)

Muh sucky day

ok so 2 day i go 2 dance @ 8 in the mroning as usual and
like muh friend sam is being kool or w/e (ull c most of muh
stories r about her since she pisses meh off) well lATEly i
mean like shes been acting really stuck up and shit and im
sick of it plus her and muh friends alex krista alicia and
rachel(dance friends) hadc a sleepover w/ out meh they all
talked 2 meh about it and noneof them thought 2 invite meh
ok we had privet lessons on sunday meh sam alex rachel
for our new # called LOser or ALL star ne wayz and krista
and alicia were running there dueo in the other room so ne
ways they all had tehre stuff and uhhhg it jus sucked, but
this isnt the 1st time this has happened over the summer i
went 2 texas 2 visit relkatives 4 a week it happened then 2
only nicole went they had planned it while i was gone and
had it like a few days after i got bac non a saturday whihc
i guess was ok except that thats all i eard about 4 like
ever ne ways then on saturdays we r at the studio from 8-
430 and we have a lunch break where ave (shes16) takes THEM
to lunch but c ave invited meh on wednesday shes like yea
come itll be sooooo mcuh fun blah blah blah and they left
meh 2 times b 4 and i had 2 go 2 this pizza place w/ people
im not really even friends w/ neways 2 day meh and nikki
(nicole) go out there and we look and they r all out there
so we yell hey sam is tehre ne room and shes like well we r
riding w/ brittany shes like u could ask her if she has
room so we go hey britt do u have room which she doesnt b
cuz she had her dadas f 150 and she was already squezzing
like 5 poeple in so we r like ook so we r like wut about
ave and alex is like hahaha yea rite so many people r in
theee and tehy were being gay so we r like w/e we will juz
stay so wedid and built a fort and stuff but ok the whole
issue is that sam drops meh and picks meh back up whenever
she wants and this has been happening since i cant remember
when but its gotten really bad lately and shes being a
complete snob she is best freinds w/ meh sumyimes and
ditches meh the next and s o im sick of her shit