Pandora's Box
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2001-09-15 21:45:32 (UTC)

my week

well, my week has been usual!

well it turns out that cory doesn't like me like a
girlfriend or whatever... but he told Christina and Jay
that he DOES, but he wants to take it slow. uh huh....

and then i went to the fair wednesday after the parade. i
was going to go w/ Christina, Jay, and Cory.. but CORY
DIDN'T SHOW UP!! oh well. i hung out w/ chris and jay. when
i got there Zach was there and we had a war with these lil
balloon hammer thingies. then he did the usual zach thing
and left me and was all over this other girl. sigh* then
christina and jay were trying to get me to be all over my
guy friend rusty. no.. i dont think SO!!! me and rusty are
just friends. we've known each other too long to be like
that. oh, and i also saw my guy friend Derrick. me and
Derrick liked each other alot last summer, but he moved to
Lousiana and we stopped talking, but he's bakk now and
we're talking again. he's like 18 or 19 and he has a kids.
Christian is the spawn of satan, but he's a kewtie. :)

anyways.. then i had a Biology test Friday that i so didn't
study for, i hope i did good on it!

thursday we had a fresman pep ralley.. it was so... pepless.

and last night i had to go to the High skool football
gameagainst Little Rock. we kicked their butt. i think it
was 39-34 or something like that...

but all i have to saw is that that's the first time i have
EVER gotten lost in a bathroom!! the thing circles around
and it's confuzzing esp. if you're as simple minded as me!!

and then on the way bakk home i think i froze b/c the A/C
on the bus was blowingon me and we couldn't turn it off.

well i have to go klean my room now. TA-TA!