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2003-01-26 04:46:54 (UTC)


Well, here's my first entry in this thing... I don't really
know what to expect and I guess I'm just doing this to try
new stuff and maybe even get some kinda feedback when I'm
in a jam or something. but thats still a lot to hope for. i
have my own private diary so i dont think i'll be writing
in here everyday, more like once a week... but right now, i
need some*thing* to talk to, i feel like i have no friends,
im not good enough for shit. thats another thing with me
too, its hard for me now to see whats real. Sometimes i'll
totally blow shit out of proportion and over-analyze
everything when everything is really just cool. and
sometimes i cant pick up on the simplest things... it's
confusing. right now im into reading about psychology and
how the mind works, because, i basically already know about
myself, but what i like to know is how does everyone else
think? what makes them do what they do and all that stuff.
I know the answer is never-ending - but i like to know
little things about any people just to gain any kind of
knowledge on the subject. Right now i feel like i need to
try to understand people, cuz u gotta deal with them for
the rest of your life. I dont want to be an outcast or a
friggin' hermit forever - and I'm not now. I guess im just
going through that feeling of being alone in a crowded room.