Finding my Light
2003-01-26 03:39:49 (UTC)

Trophy Girl

God, I am sick and tired of guys thinking they can just
come up to me whenever they want and believe I'll start
liking them from the start! The guys around me just don't
get it. I'm not very easy to get.
I'm what I like to call a tropy girl. Not a kind of
trophy girl that guys show off to everyone either. I'm the
type of girl a guy has to win and make effort for. I don't
start liking a guy because he's cute. That does get me
interested, but it won't keep me around for very long.
It's the personality that keeps me around and how much of
an effort the guy is willing to make.
See I know my worth. I know my own personal value and
I won't take anything less then what I know I deserve. I'm
a very loving and affectionate girl and also very loyal.
Not too many chicks are like that now which I know makes me
all the more valuable.
It seems that the only guys that really know my worth
and apprieciate me are my guy friends and by the time they
know this they see me only as their friend and I only see
them as my friend.