sex kitten

life of a porn star
2003-01-26 03:34:04 (UTC)

big entry

well the whole thing with greg went to hell. he imed me
last week and was like im worried about u bc ur away
messges are too sad and angry... so i was like dont worry
im he is like well if you are upset mabey we
shouldnt fool around for awhile...and i was like mabey we
shouldnt fool around bc u have a fucking gf! so i totally
caught him in a lie. and then he admitted that he used me
to maggie, so im like this is wonderful...the first i time
i have sex i am used...good job greg. but he didnt know it
was my first time...oh well i hate the evil bastard. so
dating cole now and he claims that what they have is more
than love. so he is like im sorry hunni i still love you i
dont want to hurt you- bull shit lol
then school excited to see brian! he
walks into my psyche class and was like omg! and he comes
over and gives a high fives and then he went to sit with a i was like um ok that was weird lol. so that
afternoon i was soo bored to i went with jessi and em to
visit their friend... so we stopped by brians room and he
was kinda weird...i guess he is too cool for us. so i
talked to him online and he was like sorry i was a dick.
but then he didnt say hi or ne thing yesterday in class.
so i think i am hated.
started a job- grocery store- hate it- it depresses
me. blah...