-emerald eyes-

spinning complacently
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2003-01-26 02:11:25 (UTC)

long hair? short hair?

wow...my first entry and i already have such a dilema.
*rolls eyes* just kidding :o) i've had diaries before so i
hope this one proves to be the best. we shall see!
it is a problem tho. i'm trying to decide what looks best
on me since i either need to get my hair cut or deal with
this massive.......mess....*L* its right under my chin and
its really layered..it used to flip out and be real cute.
now its at the stage where if i dont do something to it,
it looks like sh!t. so! whats a girl to do?! i dunno. my
b/f remains undecided. *shrugs* ohh well. i'm not crying.
ok but i have to go. i'm SO incredibly bored. i'll write
my life story in here some other boring day. i'll save it
for spring...when it rains....i have
-emerald eyes-

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