chronicles for the clinicly insane
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2003-01-26 01:51:13 (UTC)

shit storm

while snow may be the most obvious storm happening in this
godforsaken NC town, the most prevalent one in my life is
a flying, steaming torrentious storm of shit.

most everything that didnt need to be found out got found
out. my mother recieved a letter from my center for youth
programing, used to conform the thoughts, goals, and
hopefully actions of teenagers to some arbitrary model of
life set by some rich waspy motherfucker long long ago,
(aka) my highschool, informing her that my permit to park
had been revoked due to several unexcused absences and one
out of school suspension, neither of which was knownst to
her at the time.
I was at my formentioned, mush-headed friend Kris'
house, reefed (imagine that), when I called home to "check
in" when my mother informed me that I was "in trouble", and
to come home. I merely assumed that my trouble was because
of grades.
When I came home I was informed of the attache sent to
my mother from the institute of mass youth conformity and
promptly "punished" ( grounded for a matter of months).
But the next wave of the fecal atmospheric disturbence was
much more sever. My electronic corespondence with Kris was
monitord by my maternal unit and the references to the
chemical activities of the day were quickly picked up on,
packaged, sent to all parties mentioned ( or at least the
parents thereof) and I was further grounded, and peices of
my property sold.

So my advice to you is this. Keep all chemical activities
outside of school, and dont fuck around to the point that
shit get sents home. and Hide every note, electronic or
paper, parents cannot and should not be expected to respect
your privacy. There is no privicy, you are arrogant and
ignorant to expect it.

eternal yours in trust and through storm