Mystical Blonde Girl

Mystical World Of A Wild Blonde
2001-09-15 19:55:05 (UTC)

Oh my....

Ok yeah I need to like shut up and just get over it don't
I? I promised myself that I would still go to homecoming.
Even if that meant going with my friend Danielle... who by
the way ALSO got fucked over by Nick. Yeppers she dated him
before I dated him the first time and then just before we
broke up he was hitting on her. Then he did this to me
again... she said we should go together and be like "Hi
Nick" Surprise the fuck out of him. *Fucking asshole that
he is*

Then again I could be a BIG BITCH and take another guy.
Just move ona nd find a friend or some one I like to go
with... most likely I will just go with a friend cause no
one would ever want to go with me =( I suck. ugh *hits her
hand on the desk*

Fuck that. No pitty for me. I'm going to ask Matt to go
with me! Matt is fucking hot as hell. Plus he is my friend
and he HATES Nick! LOL That will be great... just got to
make sure Matt doesn't try to HURT Nick... would get me
kicked out of my senior homecoming...I don't really care if
Nick gets hurt or not. I know thats mean, but he hurt me,
so why can't I hurt him?

Well I promised to shut up so I am going to shut up now. I
wish my freaking title would stay the same. Its suppost
tobe "Mystical Irish Girl", but its still "Nick's Sexy
Girlie"... I don't ever want that name again! grrrr