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2001-09-15 19:38:33 (UTC)

Once Upon A Time or some shit...

Why do Fairy Tales always start with : Once upon a time...?
Why cant they start out like this : Frank walked into the
whore-house around 11:45.... now that is the way to start
off a Fairy tale! The possibilities are endless.

On another note, I think this computer hates me. Every time
I sign in on line it doesnt say "Connecting to server" it
says "DIE SCUM BAG!" Or when the connection times out it
says "GET THE FUCK UP OFF ME JERK!" I guess that means I
shouldnt look at so much porn online.

The following is the best expression I can find to convey
my hatred of the Corporate Pop/Rock like N-Sink/B.Spears/and
Limp Bizquick. Any band with a sales rep. should be shot on
site taken to the ally and stricken from record!!!!

Thank you verry much be sure to label us
We wouldnt want to cause a ruckus or a fuss
Just put in a catagory dosnt matter to us
AOR, CHR, Top 40 or bust
Put us on MTV
All we really need
Begging on our knees
Please, please, please, please, please
What I am is a picture on a TV screen
Dont make waves dont make a scene
What I say when I play isnt worth a bean
Im a video Joe in an industry