tyler D's sex hole
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2003-01-26 00:11:41 (UTC)

(1.25.03) The begining......a fuck list catch up

Alright finally a secret little spot to make my own. Post
my recent facial piercing I want to keep track of my sexual

1st girl post was Tawna. we met at a Kinkos, had some
coffee, went downtown to 3 nine,it was fucking cold, they
handed out these new redbull shaped cokes, we went to
Denny's, she had an OCD salad (everything was seperated),
we went back to her place watched Monsters Inc at her
request, it sucked, we started making out, fucked and i
went home around 7am. We hooked up again sunday after going
to P house.

2nd Sarah.............fucking sarah. i don't know why i get
bored and drive an hour to fuck her. i was bored, it was
wednesday and she's in love with me. oh yeah she asked if i
was fucking other girls. i said " i think we should keep
our options open" but i've fucked this girl like 4 times
over a period in 6 months lol. and she makes me out to be
her boyfriend lol. it would suck to be a girl i think.

3rd Gina. god i was bored. too many of my encounters latley
have been because of that.

well all other girls were pre piercing. i'm a try to
remember all that i fucked in the las 8 months (MK,
Tiffany, nicole, christy, samantha, gina, tawna, sarah,
natalia, Kathy, kerry tatt2,) well that's all i can
remember right now.

oh in case someone is reading this. i'm not a slut. i just
get bored and want to get laid. and i can't fucking find a
girlfriend! it's so fucking hard! and i don't know why. i
just want someone cute enough so that i can be into her and
so i'm not ashamed to bring her around my friends, cool,
and capable of being in a relationship!

I will say i had a fun date with this HOT! girl named
Angela. we didn't fuck or even kiss at the end. i just went
for a hug. i don't know if she likes me. she seems to have
high standards for guys but we met before we went out and
she was into me enough to want to go.....that's a good sign
right? we went out friday she said she had a great time but
i offered to go to a club after the cliche dinner and film
date we had but she said she needed to check on her dog and
so she should get home. so i called her mid day today to
just chat and we had a pleasent convo but we didn't make

well it's so great to have a place to put things away from
people i know. i apologize to any who were bored enough to
read this.