The land of unknown
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2001-09-15 19:25:51 (UTC)

One week, that does not include the attack!

so, the week is done. a lot happened this week. lets
see........ uhh......... Nickelback's new cd came out!!!!
woohoo!!!! and... uhh......... played the guitar some........
wrote more of my Pok comics.......... umm......... that
about sums it up. for me any way. i definetly feel a lot
better in the last day or so. i think i'm begining to finally
accept this 'new life'. school still aint the same, but i'm
getting used to it, i think. i've listened to a few different
things. first it was Nickelback, on Roadrunner
records.com. they had the whole cd to listen to. then i
was listening to a lot of Soulfly. now i'm not really sure.
some Dimmu Borgir and Chimaira. and when i was
bored, i wrote Lyz an email, u remember, right, Lyz? i
said i was bored and i was going to leave it at that, but
then put 'and u'r boring'. then i came up with a song,
right in Lyz's email. haha! what odd places i come up
with things. that's most of what's been up with me
lately. not a whole lot. but i am feeling better.

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