my life that sux
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2003-01-25 23:39:34 (UTC)


ok. it has finally gone mad!!!!!! i am this guys
girlfriend named john. thats the only good thing. this
other guy named casey said he like me and i have no clue
what is going to happen b/c he said he was going to break
up wit his girlfriend named laura who is going to move to
alabama.then this other guy named T.J. grabbed my butt b/c
this other guy named anthony dared him to. i hate my
sis.she {carolyn} always makes bad comments so i come up
here and type in this. i dont really care. i should just
shrivvel up and die anywayz b/c my life is a living
nightmare. i hate it. everything that happens to me is the
worst. blake {bro} came back fromthe National Guard today
since like 4 months. hes only staying for a week. my
family is so messed up. i cant wait untill i move uot. i
wont have any of this crap to worry about. im still
thinking of the john and casey thing. i cant get it out of
my mind. my life SUX :O!!!! my parents split up when i
was4. they both got remarried, i moved nine hours away
from my hometown and my dad. now this.

plz plz plz e-mail me and tell me who i should pick of
john or casey?

john-punk skater boy blonde hair blue eyes

casey-always getting hurt blonde hair brown eyes