.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-09-15 19:12:26 (UTC)

cross your heart and hope to die.

this band big wheel got in contact with me, i know, KNOW
ive heard of htem, i think ive even seen them before, but i
cant remember where, (thats sad, shows just all blur after
so many) anyway, i got done work about 30 mins ago, im
happy i decided to quit, i really DO hate it there, its
just not worth it, i even waitresed a lot today, and made
30 in tips plus salary, but its still not worht it.

i talked to sam of big wheel and as it turns out, i did see
them play last year with dodge ball and game over and left
behind and a whole bunch others at the girls inc, that was
a fun show. so many kennett kids went.

anyay, i got this great idea, and I mean GREAT, like how
LFT has a line they always use "LFT aint nothin to fuck
with" and so do the rest of the crews, i came up with a
perfect one for "Heart-Core Crew" ...

Cross your heart and hope to die.

isnt that great? you get it like "cross" is the "x" and DIE
means were tough ass mofos (even though were emo girls)
ha. anyway, im really ready to do another show, liek super
ready, last show i went to was auto pilot off (our show)
and then i guess sorta that party junior played could
count, but not really, so whatever. i dont htink im goin
to fenarios tonight, i dotn wnat to, i wanna go to woodland
and JFFB next sunday though, that might be fun. ok, thats
all, im done.