2001-09-15 19:06:36 (UTC)

tara and willow

Shot of Willow and Tara holding hands and moving the soda
Shot of Willow and Tara holding hands and lifting a rose.
Willow: I just like having something that's ... mine.
Tara: I am, you know. Yours.

Episode begins:
(Willow and Tara walking across campus.)
TARA: Do you like cats?
WILLOW: I'm more of a dog person myself. But I'm not
like, "death to all
cats." Why?
TARA: Cause I was thinking of getting one.
WILLOW: Can you have one in the dorms?
TARA: No, but this would be a sneaky cat.
WILLOW: That would be cool. You mean it'd be sort of like a
TARA: Actually, I-I was thinking it would be sort of like a
pet. You know,
we could ... we could name her Trixie, or Miss Kitty
Fantastico, or something.
WILLOW: And we could make kitty go bonkers with string and
catnip and stuff?
TARA: Absolutely.
WILLOW: Fun! I'm in.
TARA: So, you're not allergic or anything.
TARA: Good, cause ... I want my room to be Willow-friendly.
WILLOW: Me too.
(They hold hands and keep walking.)
TARA: So I'm excited about the Scooby meeting ... I think.
What's it about?
WILLOW: I'm not sure. Probably just your garden-variety


RILEY: (stopping her) Whoa, hey, how did we get to bigot?
I'm just saying
it's a little weird to date someone who tries to eat you
once a month.
BUFFY: Yeah, well love isn't logical, Riley. It's not like
you can be
Mister Joe Sensible about it all the time.


(Tara opens her dorm room door. Willow is standing there.)
(Tara stands back so Willow can come in, then Tara closes
the door.)
WILLOW: I can only stay for a minute. I have class.
TARA: Me too, I-I-I have class too.
WILLOW: I just want you to know that what you saw this
morning, it wasn't-
TARA: No, it's okay. I-I always knew that if he came back-
WILLOW: We were just talking. Nothing happened.
TARA: (hopeful smile) Oh. (Pause) Really?
(Willow nods.)
WILLOW: But, you know, it was intense. Just talking. We
have a lot to talk
about. (Frowns) I kinda feel like my head's gonna explode.
TARA: (struggles for a moment) Whatever, you know,
happens ... I'll still
be here. I'll still be your friend.
WILLOW: Of course we'll be friends! That's not even a
TARA: (upset) But I'm saying, I know what Oz means to you.
WILLOW: How can you, when I'm not even sure? I mean, I know
what he meant
to me. But he left, and... everything changed. I changed,
and... then we--
TARA: What?
WILLOW: (teary) I don't know. I just - life was starting to
get so good
again, and -- (sighs, moves closer to Tara) You're a big
part of that.
(Crying) And here comes the thing I wanted most of all,
and... I don't know
what to do, I ... I wanna know, but I don't.
(Tara looks sympathetic. She brushes the tears off Willow's
TARA: Do what makes you ... h-h-happy.
(Willow hugs her. Tara strokes Willow's hair.)


BUFFY: No you weren't. You were thrown. You found out that
Willow was in...
kind of an unconventional relationship, and it gave you a
wiggins. It happens.

(Cut to Tara in her darkened dorm room, looking out the
window. There's a
knock on the door. She gets up to answer it. It's Willow,
holding a candle.)
WILLOW: No candles? Well, I brought one. It's extra flamey.
(Tara doesn't say anything. Willow steps forward and gives
her the candle,
closes the door behind herself.)
WILLOW: Tara, I have to tell you...
TARA: No, I-I understand. You have to be with the person
you l-love.
WILLOW: (smiles) I am.
(Tara looks amazed.)
TARA: You mean...
WILLOW: I mean. (pause) Okay?
TARA: Oh, yes.
WILLOW: I feel horrible about everything I put you through.
A-and I'm gonna
make it up to you. Starting right now.
TARA: (starts to smile) Right now?
(Willow smiles and nods. Tara blows out the candle.)

lilith's note:

im sayin WOAH!
so sweet tara and willow.
look at the first set...

"Willow: I just like having something that's ... mine."
"Tara: I am, you know. Yours."

aye me.

0319 am
16 sept sunday