Watch me lose it...
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2003-01-25 23:12:38 (UTC)


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So while I'm on this trip
I'll take this time
To clear up a few things
That are on your mind
And sort out some of the things that you thought I said
Make Fucking sure you saw, what you think isnt really what
you read..

Its true
I do hate you
You hate me too
But maybe not as much as your supposed to
When your me, you think you can count things through
To a logical reason, (childs voice) "10 63 makes 42"

I don't have discalclia
I just cant add
I dont hate my mum
I dont hate my dad
I dont hate my brother
I think violence is sad
I just like pretending that I'm going mad

Make me out to look like I'm just loosing myself
Well fuck it I am, hang myself with a belt
I dont do no drugs, I dont smoke no weed
I dont have aids,
When i drive I dont speed

I dont hate women, I just dont like dumb bitches
I dont have an STD, my cock, it just itches...
I've had no serious injury Just two sets of stiches,
I hate that vampire shit, wizards and witches

And I'm not a hacker
I just stole your passwords,
Took your account
Ping flood lagged you for hours
I do work with computers
And yes I am a geek
I speak HTML, JAVA..I can't speak Greek
Just a little French
Rhyme until I can no longer speak
I'm ok at writing, do it 5 times a week

I do like hiphop
But I'm not Eminem
Dont wanna be like him
I can only flow with a pen,
Not in the slightest way
People ignore what I say.
I'm not even black
And I'm certainly not Dr Dre!

Motherfuckers dont know I'm not even a rapper
Just a average white kid, who'd stutter and stammer
When forced into a corner, no way I could battle
Rhymes dont come so easy when theres no debt to settle
When theres nothing to explain, no bitches to beat
When I go out I panic when i've got something eat
Its all in my head
I'm going to hell
At least lets be honest I'll see you there as well...

I dont have a gun
I'm a afraid of the dark
I'm afraid of big dogs
And small ones that bark (woof)
I do want to kill, quite a few people
But fuck I cant do it, cos killing aint legal!

I do hate Gary, lets get that one thing straight,
I know I'll probably never kill him.... but It would be
fucking great!
But something from inside, see I manage to always stop me
But for how long? How can I control myself.. do you see.?
I'm not like you and your not like me
I'll probably end up hanging myself, with a rope from a

If it all starts off with some, daft ass rhyming
You better start your watches folks, get yourselves timing
To see how long before the church bells are chiming
For me in my coffin
But still I'll keep miming
Even when I'm dead, Come back from the dead,
Dig myself up and repeat all those things that I said
Steal your car, rape your wife, paint all your green grass
Put the shotgun in my mouth
SMACK front of the head...

I guess sometimes its just the things that you say,
Its not that everythings always gonna go the way,
Just its easier to write things down, make you feel better
So cut me some slack...hand me a bretta
And I'll just keep on thinking of all different things
DIfferent words, different rhymes something cooler to sing
And you'll get the idea, when I'm done, when I'm through

My words are less to do with me.. much more with you

Writing time : 30 minutes

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