What goes on in my own little world
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2003-01-25 22:51:02 (UTC)

One of those days you feel like everyone esle's bitch

So today started early, at 5:45 A.M. I wake up, and
realize I have to be at work in 15 minutes, and my work is
about 25 miles away, AND I need to take shower and make
sure my uniform isn't wrinkly, and gotta get my car
started so it will be simi warm when i get in it. So me,
beign t he person i am, say "i can do this" Needless to
say, there was no way in hell i could have made it, and i
didn't. So when i get there, there is a note at my desk
from the asst. manager, and it said the manager is outta
town, I'm in charge, ur the new bitch, do my shit. In the
way i read it, that's what it said. So i had to do a
bunch of shit, then when i got done, my General Manager
walks in, and harasses me about my haircut for 10 minutes,
telling me it needs to be cut by the next time i come in,
blah blah blah. After that i try to sit down and have
breakfast but in walks the owner's wife shoutin orders to
every employee as she passes. Then she comes up to me,
says i need a hair cut, then tells me i need to take all
25 poinsedias and a huge flower arrangement to a nersing
home. I don't complain because i get outta that hell
hole. So finally when i get them all loaded in the huge
ass van i have to lug around, i go to the old people
home. When i walk in, no ones up front so i have to go to
the back,a nd i open this door, and a lady starts askin me
somethign in what seems like another lanuage, but was just
mumblign soemthing about the war in vietnam probably.

Then another lady comes up and asked me if i would fly her
somewhere. I'm guessing that she might have thought i was
a pilot because my uniform almost resimbles a pilot, being
black and white, and the lady was old. Then a guy came up
and asked if i was picking up my hot date, and then a
glimps of hope.... i saw a lady in a green doctor like
jacket, and i'm like "HEY, someone that works here..." and
i go and ask her where to put the flowers.

Later, my boss has me go get is bagel and coffee from this
certain place down the street.

So i get home and i get in the house, and my mom starts
barking the chores i need to do. So i did them for a
couple of hours and now i am here, listening to my mom
telling me to get off the computer and go clean my room.
So i have to go, but im sure you can imagine the rest of
my night, being grounded, having a coupel of my mom's
friends here... boring...

Ok, so now it's night and all in all this day wasn't too bad,
but i felt like everyone's bitch. Which i hate. But oh well, I'm
over it. For those that know me, probably notice soemthign
different in my diary intries then me in person, cause latley i haev
been tring to look at the positive side of things, it tends to keep
ya ina good mood, or at least better mood. You should try it. But
i'm out, i'll probably be goign to a girls house where there are 2
girls, and stay most the night there... I know im bad, but their
good, so i'll be being good tonight :). Later

Tip of the day: If you have a controling mom, then don't
try to prove you have control by doign soemthign stupid,
it get's u in deeper shit. And for those of you that
don't, treasure her and don't be mean, it would suck if
you had our's.
Song of the day: I get high BY Styles. That song is
pretty tight.