Squeeb's world
2001-09-15 18:22:20 (UTC)

Too close for comfort

Ok, I think I have certifiably developed a phobia of planes.
Yeah, I know I'm a nervous person to begin with but, sue me.
So last night when this plane flys over, my heart starts
pounding so hard I thought it would wake up my roommate. And
I was so freaked out when I looked out the window and could
actually SEE the outline the plane flying right near one of
the apartment buildings near me. I was shaking so bad and I
almost went and jumped into bed with my roommate. I don't
think I have been that scared in a long time. And the sound
of planes never bothered me before. Yeah and just like 5
minutes ago, I heard a helicopter flying overhead and THAT
scared the bejeebers out of me. I mean I live nowhere near
NYC or anything but the whole terrorist thing scared the
crap out of me. Will it ever be the same for anyone?
Ok, heres the thing about instant messengers that bugs
the crap out of me. The fact that anyone can pretend to be
anyone else. Yeah, like I'm sure I was actually just talking
to Matt C. but you never know, stranger things have happened
and this person couldn't type from a whole in the wall.
Either it was his cousin pretending to be him and doing a
very good job at it or the typos were actually showing his
mental capability. Ok, that was rude. But hey! Who am I
going to make fun of this year... damn! Lol, I could always
make fun of another Matt but somehow I don't think someone
would like that. I'm just joking! He's not actually that
Ok, what the hell are they doing in the apartment above
me? Training elephants or what? Holy man, can we be any
Once again I have discovered that patience is not one of
my stronger points. I'm waiting for a certain someone to
let me know if he's coming up to the game tonight or not and
he's not answering me. Grrr. I just wanna know if I have to
go get tickets or not. It'd be nice to know.
Anyhoo, I should be off! Later skater! Oh yeah and I've
decided no more Nostradamus for me. That guy freaks me out
with his accuracy and I so don't even want to think of the
implications of that. Bye!

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