Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2003-01-25 21:46:22 (UTC)

I'm all hot and sticky...

seeing as I just baked a cake and covered it in icing sugar
before I came to the computer labs. I must have stuck it on
my hands then slaped my face a couple of times or
somethingbecause I'm all sticky and stuff. At least it
isn't obvious *LIE ALERT*. The computing lab is warm where
I'm sitting and I didn't have anythign to drink before I
left. I'm a moron, I know. Spent the whole of today fucking
about with Eternal Darkness again. Finished it though.
Total time was about 13 hours I think. Or maybe less. Over
the last 3 days that was. Shows how much I have to do.

This is so fun isn't it? Well last night to add to crazy
bleeding pool fun of the night before's dream, I dreamt
that there was an evil zombie virus infecting people, how
original. And I got infected and someone took my arm off
with a shotgun before the virus made me a zombie.

How exciting,
Till Next Time Space Kittens!