An Angel's life
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2001-09-15 18:06:36 (UTC)

Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Diary and Readers,
Hi, How have you guys been? Well I guess everyone in
America is in total shock of what happened to the Twin
Towers and the Petagon. I am so glad that none of my family
or friends died in that incident. Well none of my family or
friends live in New York anyways. I hope you haven't lost
anyone this week. Please reply and ask me how you feel about
this tragic event. I just don't know what is going to happen
to our future. What will happen if we go to war? There is
far to many questions right now and we all just have to wait
and see what happens. On a brighter note...
I have started school. I know what you are thinking but
it is much better than the tragic that just happen few days
ago. Also I hope you guys lit a candle to show your support
last night. Ok I got to change the subject!! I really don't
have much classes with my friends but I do have some. I see
my friends in lunch, Pe, and band. I also have this teacher
who is hilarious! All he does is talk and cranck us up and
give us little homework. But I also have this strict
teacher. She is nice but she is the kind of person who
believes in the rule and follow it to the very end. Thanks
to her I might have a detetion. (hopefully not!) The food is
greater and the line is faster than it was in the first of
the school. How was your first day of school? Was it good
or just horrible. Reply back!! PEACE!
~An angel in waiting

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